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Inventory Blowout Sales
Testing Custom Fields 22022-04-29
Testing after pcs edit and otehr dropdowns2022-04-30
5 12 22 Blast2022-05-12
For repair blow out2022-05-16
First Draft Campaign Test Today2022-05-18
XLS - All Inventory by Category
aio XLS2022-05-18
all XLS2022-05-18
desktop_CPU_summary XLS2022-05-18
desktop_barebones_detail.php XLS2022-05-18
desktop_barebones_summary XLS2022-05-18
desktop_detail XLS2022-05-18
desktop_summary XLS2022-05-18
harddrive_detailed XLS2022-05-18
harddrive_summary XLS2022-05-18
lab XLS2022-05-18
laptop XLS2022-05-18
laptop_forrepair XLS2022-05-18
laptopacadapter XLS2022-05-18
lcd_detailed XLS2022-05-18
lcd_summary XLS2022-05-18
printer XLS2022-05-18
server_v2.xls XLS2022-05-18
tabletpda XLS2022-05-18
thinclient XLS2022-05-18
vessel_weight XLS2022-05-18
XLS - Inventory Lots that must sell this month
LOT90 - HP laserjet printers.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT89 - Dell Brown box Refurbs with pricing .xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT88 - QTY 2935 laptop power supplies $30,000 OBO.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT87 - QTY 909 for repair and parts laptops.  nearly all i series.  mixed
sell smaller quantities of choice models $68,175 or OBO.xls XLS
LOT86- QTY 1180 non I series computers take all $21,000.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT85 - POS and Thermal printers from TBF ZEBRA and more.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT83 - QTY334 desktops as per the list Most with ram all with CPU no cable
s 40 percent with drives.xlsx XLS
LOT81 - QTY 1124 sticks of Memory BID 05 10 22.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT80 - QTY 18 laptops iseries as per list with adapters.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT79 - QTY 19 Panasonic CF 19 CF 53 laptops as per list no adapters.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT78 -QTY 134 HP Elitedesk 800 G3 SFF barebones.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT77 - QTY 117 Non iseries laptops as per list no adapters.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT76 - QTY 53 HP Iseries laptops with adapters as per list.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT75 - QTY 203 Lenovo Iseries laptops with adapters as per list.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT74- QTY 219 Dell iseries laptops with adapters as per list .xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT73 – QTY 314 Lcd Good 22-25 most with bases take all $10,000.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT71 – QTY 13 Apple MAC MINI computers as per list $2500 or best offer.xls
LOT67 – QTY 264 CPU’s from TBF BIDS end 5 12 22.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT65 – Cisco stock 5 5 22.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT64 - QTY 887 iseries desktops as per list $63000.xlsx XLS2022-05-18
LOT62 - AiO Laptops Desktops iPads Tablets by line item ALL NEW and PRICED.
xlsx XLS
LOT60 - QTY 244 Barcode Scanners and accessories.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT56 – QTY 214 apple units to be scrapped, high value R2 buyer only.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT55- QTY 139 NEW OPEN BOX Delford 1594695 Printhead Cartridge SEE NOTES
.xls XLS
LOT53 – QTY 129 USB C laptop Chargers $1548.xlsx XLS2022-05-18
LOT41 – RF650R RF650A siemens rfid reader and antenna lot master lot.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT40 – QTY 218 thinclients as per list $6906 or best offer, no adapters.xl
LOT39 - Nokia Adtran Symmetricom Telco Meraki gear.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT37 - Large QTY of Return open box Wyze Cameras and Ring Doorbells.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT36 -QTY 44 mixed servers, need best offer.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT35 -QTY 21 HP Proliant G7 and up servers, need offer.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT34 - Apple units and iphones from TBF with pricing.xlsx XLS2022-05-18
LOT33 – QTY 227 servers as per list$38,873 or best offer.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT32 - QTY 16 verizon 8800L hotspots $761.76.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT28 - QTY44 Raid cards $2997.4.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT26 - QTY 182 HPDell OptiplexElitedesk barebones mixed models and FF, no
cpu ram hdd or caddy $30 ea.xls XLS
LOT25 - QTY 159 Dell OPTIPLEX 3040 barebones USFF, no cpu ram hdd or caddy
NO PSU $16 ea.xls XLS
LOT24 - QTY 139 Printers and scanners from TBF.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT20 – QTY 31 VariousLCD TV and Sign Displays, working.  No bases.  No R
emotes.  Take all $6150 or best offer.xls XLS
LOT19 - QTY 35 tablets and iPads from TBF as per list no cords, need offers
.xls XLS
LOT18 - QTY 20 Motorola Symbol and Zebra gear as per list, need offers.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT17 - QTY 49 Elo Hp Honeywell and Intermec gear as per list, need offers.
xls XLS
LOT10 - Brand new stock from TBF v3.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT8 - QTY 33 HP Z series workstations as per list $5624.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT6 - QTY 2200+ working chromebooks with additional parts and units $70k o
r best offer.xls XLS
LOT5 - QTY 69 Apple Macbooks as per list $10K no cords.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT3 - QTY 68 phones as per list 4k or best offer no cables.xls XLS2022-05-18
LOT2 - Dell laptop stock brown box with pricing.xls XLS2022-05-18