Wholesale Used Computers Export

About Us

We are a large excess Computer Distributor, closeout Computer Wholesaler, clearance Computer Supplier, and closeout Electronics Wholesaler.

We sell to Computer Resellers that have needs for real deals on Wholesale Computers, Wholesale Computer Parts and Wholesale Electronics.

Make us your source for Wholesale Computers, Monitors, Networking Gear, Servers, Server Cabinets, Laptops,Wholesale Computer Parts, and Wholesale Electronics.

Buying From Us

Either email us or calls us.

All equipment is EXWORKS Marietta, GA 30062. The nearest port is Savannah, GA.

We welcome inspections at our warehouse in Marietta, GA.

Payment terms are: 10% deposit to hold product for 30 days via money wire Payment must be made in full prior to loading of container

Customer is 100% responsible for shipping, freight, customs, and or dutie charges.